Holy Shit

. Heilige Scheiße .



Hendrik is living between the fronts. On the one hand, he is an extremely religious and obedient Christian, on the other hand, he has fallen deeply in love with Marlene - a sexy young woman without belief in God..

When Jesus himself starts to interfere, all problems seem to be solved.


But instead of organizing Hendrik's life the Son of God puts him into more chaos and therefore in a crisis of faith.

18 min, 2012

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


Shot on Super 16mm


Hendrik - Christoph Pütthoff

Marlene - Henriette Blumenau

Jesus - Anton Weber


Writer - Sascha Vredenburg, Daniel Jacob

Director - Sascha Vredenburg

Producer - Christian Schega

DoP - Christine Lüdge

Production Design - Petra Liebmann, Stefan Najib

Costume Design - Simone Frost

Editor - Dennis Lutz

Music - Balz Aliesch

Sound Design - Dominik Avenwedde

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Holy Shit

Henriette Blumenau