The Lost Emperor

. Der verlorene Kaiser .

Drama, Comedy

The idea

A faithful emperor penguin, an egocentric photographer,

his better half and a virgin ghost writer.

Separated in the dispute.

Buried by the snowstorm.

United in the isolation.

30 min, 2017

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, SWR,

handwritten Pictures

Shot in Iceland and Ludwigsburg. 

Status: Post-Production

On my mind

I never thought it is possible, but when I watched the fate of two ordinary pigeons, neither white nor award winning doves, I was deeply touched. As always, the pair sat on a beam of my train station, above tracks.

A train suddenly passed through and rocked them from their perch, with a flurry of feathers. Once the panic was over, one dove landed back on the beam but there was no trace of the second. Then I saw it. It had hit something, broken its wing and fallen to the steps where it sat, no longer able to fly.

The first pigeon looked around but seemed to have lost their mate. It flew back along the tracks in further search.

At the moment when I decided to pick up the injured pigeon and take it to its partner, it was no longer there. If the couple have ever seen each other again, I don't know.


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LINUS - Frieder Venus

TRUDI - Michaela Rosen

JONAS - Vincent Redetzki

ARI - Valdimar Örn Flygenring


Writer and Director - Sascha Vredenburg

Script Consultant - Elena Preine

Producers - Eric Sonnenburg, Sebastian Johannsen

Co-Producers - Eric Bouley, Christopher Sassenrath

Director of Photography - Markus Gebhart

Production Design - Mona Cathleen Otterbach

Costume Design - Gudrun Schretzmeier

Editor - Dennis Lutz

Sounddesign - Johannes Schelle

Music - Steffen Brinkmann

The Lost Emperor is a story about the often unconditional nature and dependencies in a relation-ship. It's about the difficulties of appreciation and belated gratitude.

From the moment of their unexpected separation by a force of nature, I want to push our characters to the limits of their perception and remind them how we love, what we give and what we take.

At home I was always annoyed but I never dared to open my mouth when my grandpa bellowed at his wife, determined to have the last word. Later, when I was 23, my grandmother became ill again with cancer and began to die. My grandpa then had to suddenly make his own bread and coffee. He was utterly lost in everyday life, like a child without his parents.

For the first time I had the strange feeling that my grandpa understood how important my grandmother was to him. He missed her and he could not hide it. He lost the strong, unruly mask of an old man who spent most of his time trying to live like a king.


He was no longer that man.

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