Born 1987 in Verl, Germany 

​Sascha Vredenburg comes from a background of drawing, painting and playing music to the world of cinema. At the age of 16 he first turned his visions from the paper to the screen with short films. Following the love for storytelling, acting and directing, he completed different work experience on film-and theatre productions after he graduated from grammar school.

​In 2017 he graduated from the well renowned Film Academy Baden-Württemberg where he studied film directing and screenwriting. One year earlier he participated in the Master Class Los Angeles ‘Hollywood Workshop 2016’ at the University of California Los Angeles.

His short film “The Late Bird” has been awarded more than 10 1st place prizes in festivals worldwide, including Best Comedy, Best Cinematography and Best Director.

Born in a village at the age of 0

To the big city at the age of 20

guitar at the age of 7

trumpet at the age of 9

watched titanic at the age of 11

traffic collision at the age of 10

Tumour at the age of 14

Started studies at the age of 23

first exhibition at the age of 15

First short film at the age of 16

first girlfriend at the age of 15

first fish at the age of 17

FIRST TATTOO at the age of 26

first time on stage at the age of 18

Last time on stage at the age of 26

First Time Iceland at the age of 26

First time hollywood at the age of 29

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